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Chunks O’Fruti

Chunks O’Fruti donated some of their frozen fruit bars in four delicious flavors for participants at WordCamp Fayetteville. The bars are made with whole fruit, are kosher and gluten free and are the perfect treat for a hot summer day at WordCamp.

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Smashing Magazine

Big ups to Smashing Magazine for donating some copies of their new book, Redesign the Web #3. All the way from Germany, too. Thanks, Smashing Magazine.

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Haden Interactive

Haden Interactive really took care of business for the 101 Orientation event. They coordinated food and beverage donations and even kicked in some extra cash to pay for some adult beverages and other dining necessities. From us to you, we offer a hearty “Thank You!”

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Hog Haus Brewery

Two kegs for the Friday night 101 orientation event: one light, the other dark. Enough said. (This event required pre-registration and is now closed. Sorry. Hog Haus still had to get its props though.)

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