Developer Track provides many learning opportunities

2012 WC FayettevilleWhen most people think of a technology or web development conference, they probably envision rooms filled with people writing code and creating highly technical aspects of websites.

WordCamps are unique in that they are technology conferences for the average WordPress user, which includes people from all backgrounds and technical skill levels. The developers are the backbone of WordPress and the WordCamp experience in the sense that they are the ones who make WordPress work. They write the plugins, create custom themes and make sites more secure.

As technology changes and people interact with blogs and websites on an ever-evolving scale, it’s the developer’s job to keep up with, and even ahead of, those changes. Each year, WordCamp Fayetteville’s Developer Track has provided valuable content for WordCamp’s most technical participants and this year promises to be just as valuable.

Some of the sessions include:

  • Rapid Theme Development with Genesis Framework– Cotton Rohrscheib will demonstrate how WordPress can be a totally customizable content management solution with the help of Genesis Framework.
  • UX, UI, WTF-Dustin Williams says this about his session: “Let’s have a chat about how User Experience (UX), the User Interface (UI) and even Content is important to everything that we interact with. We will talk about examples and ideas from the Analog world to the Digital world, how users interact with them, and how we can implement them into your projects.”
  • Going Mobile with WordPress-Shelley Keith will talk about plugins, mobile app builders and responsive themes and how all three relate to the WordPress world.

There will also be sessions about the foundational components of working in WordPress including site security and CSS-related topics.

Another highlight of this year’s Developer Track features a speaker known as “Otto” in the WordPress forums. Participants will get the chance to “Ask Otto Anything” after hearing about how he got involved in the support forums and his role. If you have any sort of support questions, this is the place to be and Otto is the person to ask.

A major feature that was built into the schedule for this year’s WordCamp Fayetteville is the simple fact that there’s shorter sessions and more time to network between sessions. This gives attendees and speakers more time to interact, ask questions and learn from each other. There’s no doubt that some great ideas and new programming features will be born from discussions happening in this year’s WordCamp Fayetteville Developer Track.

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