Entrepreneur track helps get business off the ground

2012 WC FayettevilleThanks to Angie Albright for writing this blog!

Few people go into business these days without establishing a web presence immediately. Those businesses that have been around for years have recognized the need to be online as well, which usually includes a website, ecommerce, and social media. However, few entrepreneurs have the capital to hire an IT and web development staff right off the bat. WordPress’s DIY philosophy makes it possible to have that necessary web presence and to do business online effectively.


For entrepreneurs, WordPress’s interactive nature means businesses can be responsive to the industry and to their customers or clients. The Entrepreneur Track at WordCamp this year has been designed to help those businesses learn how to use their site to brand, track, and promote the business while also providing a secure online environment for the business and for their visitors.


Kyle Smith is going to kick off the day by talking about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Style with Kyle. Wait! This IS for entrepreneurs! Kyle will talk about how to work with the way your site LOOKS to its visitors, and how to make adjustments to colors, fonts, and all other things that make a site attractive and user-friendly. Later in the day, the talented folks from Blue Zoo Creative will teach attendees about using WordPress Plugins (did you know there are more than 20,000 of them?) in “There’s an App (Plugin) for That!” They will focus on how to find the right plugins to run your business and show off a few of their favorites.


Author and marketing wiz Lela Davidson is going to talk to entrepreneurs about how to use WordPress to promote their business in her session entitled, “You Made a Sex Tape. Now Who’s Going to See It?” (She promises no sex tapes will actually be viewed or available during the session, but we recommend you attend the session anyway.) How can you use WordPress to promote your product, business, or service? Lela will offer concrete strategies for doing just that.


Once you’ve done the promotion, how do you know if it’s working? Queen of Google Analytics, Angela Belford of The Belford Group, will conduct a session on using Google Analytics and demystifying some of its new dashboard features. Knowing how to read the analytics and investing some time in Google Analytics will help entrepreneurs take their business to new levels of success.


The day will close with Cade Collister going into “Lock Down.” What that actually means is that he’ll offer some guidance for how to secure your site and keep it safe for both the business and the people using the site. Josh Clemence from Acumen Brands will close the day by challenging entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to “Just Do It” and how to harness the power of WordPress to get your ideas for that new business off the ground.


Get smart. Get inspired. Get your business off the ground!




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