Getting ready for WordCamp Fayetteville

WordCamp Fayetteville is just a couple of days away—are you excited yet? We sure are! There are more than 30 sessions available to campers this year that are chock full of great information that will help you blog brighter, grow your business and write better code.

Getting ready for WordCamp is pretty simple. Here are a few suggestions that will create a better experience for you.

What to do a couple of days in advance (that means kinda now) 

  • Check the schedule so you know when you need to be somewhere. Stuff starts Friday night and goes through Sunday and we don’t want you to miss something!
  • Purchase your URL. Most already have this, but if you don’t have your website address purchased already, it could make life simpler if you do that ahead of time. That way the site can be running and people can help you with specific WordPress-related issues on the site. It can take a couple of days for a URL purchase to go live so the sooner this is purchased, the better.
  • Get a Twitter account and start using it. If you don’t have one already, sign up for Twitter. It makes sharing about the conference more fun and you can learn from each other. People with Twitter accounts will have the option to share their handle on their nametags. By the way, the hashtag for this event is #wcfay. Join the conversation!
  • Get a badge! These badges are for your website or blog and can share with friends and followers that you’re speaking, attending or sponsoring the event. They are fun, but they also show that you’re a part of a great event.


The night before the conference starts (or sooner if you’re that stoked)


  • Pack a small bag with the essentials. A detailed “what to bring list” is on the website’s FAQ page. Just a few things that it includes:
  1. A laptop and charging equipment if you have it (there is free WiFi for email and basic browsing at the conference venue but you will need an email address),
  2. Note-taking implements (electronic, pens/paper, whatever),
  3. A sweater or light layered clothing (yes, we’re serious. It’s supposed to be oppressively hot outside but conference venues are notoriously cold),
  4. A water bottle and a few small snacks to sustain you throughout the day,
  5. Money for parking in downtown (parking in the parking garage is Harmon parking garage is free, other places in downtown are not) or for vending machines, and
  6. Business cards if you have them.
  • Bookmark the mobile website on your smartphone. The address is
  • Review the schedule and sessions so you know where you want to be and when. The schedule is on the mobile site and we’ll have a few printed copies available for non-mobile users but having an idea of which sessions you prefer to attend will help the day go smoother. All the sessions are expected to be videotaped so if you don’t get to attend one live, it will be available on WordPress TV.
  • Review and possibly print off the directions/line maps for every location. With some recent street name changes, the directions from Google Maps and some GPS programs are a little off and can be hard to follow. The line maps will give a good picture of where to go for each event throughout the weekend. Those maps can be found on Facebook or here:
  • Get a good night’s rest. Not to sound like you’re about to take standardized tests or something, but WordCamp is filled with great information. The better rested you are, the more you will gain. And snoring during the sessions just makes it hard for others to hear.

Most importantly, arrive at each venue safe and ready to have your socks knocked off!

Have questions? Contact us on the website, on Facebook or using the #WCFay hashtag on Twitter.

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  1. Jay Langston says:

    I’m looking forward to a great conference!