New to WordPress? The WordPress 101 track is for you

Thanks to Megan Perez for writing this blog post!

2012 WC FayettevilleWhat’s all this about a WordPress 101 track at this year’s WordCamp Fayetteville?  It’s exactly that: a track designed specifically for people who have little to no previous WordPress experience.  Feedback from last year’s Camp included quite a bit of discussion about offering basic sessions on the fundamental elements of using WordPress: versus; posts versus pages; using the Dashboard; changing themes; adding photos;  creating links and so on.

This year, we took that feedback and incorporated it into the very foundation of the Camp’s session planning. We have seven different presentations prepared; a Friday night “orientation” event for the beginners; and a Sunday consultation meeting.  We’ve also shortened this year’s sessions so that there is more time between programs for Camp attendees to visit, meet and network with one another.

The WordPress 101 track will include discussion on; site styling; writing content; writing for search engines; site administration; and an end-of-the-day debriefing that will discuss post-conference, continuing education opportunities and session summaries.

Speakers include seasoned WordPress enthusiasts, professional WordPress trainers, website administrators, copywriters, and graphic designers.

Camp attendees are free to attend any session in any of the tracks at any time. Your ticket does not lock you into any particular series of presentations.  Float around. Slide from track to track. Explore. This is your learning experience. We encourage you to take ownership of it and make it yours.  If this is your very first Camp, you may want to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to get an idea of what all of the hubbub is about and what you should bring.

We hope to see you there. It’s going to be a good one.

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