Why sponsor The Belford Group uses WordPress

The Belford Group and its employees have been involved in WordCamp Fayetteville since it began. In April, The Belford Group shared about WordPress on the company’s blog. We think these are great reasons to use WordPress for blogs or websites!

Here’s an excerpt (with the full link at the bottom):

Millions of users worldwide use WordPress including individuals, corporations of all sizes, and nonprofit organizations. It’s generally known as web software for blogging but WordPress can be used for so much more.

We at The Belford Group have started using WordPress as a primary content management system (CMS) for our websites, which means it’s the software we use to create our clients’ websites. We’ve used WordPress for several years to create client blogs (including our own) but we’ve decided WordPress creates such an excellent product that entire sites will now be created using WordPress.

To read the full blog entry, visit The Belford Group’s blog.


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